The most beautiful curve

The most beautiful curve

As women, we all tend to be. We only see (even look for) our "flaws". We seem to have a natural talent to focus on everything that is not "right" and totally disregard all our beautiful qualities, both inside and out.

Why is that?

We complain we're too small or too big or too tall or too short. I say, let's start to like,, ourselves!

Simone Perele Amour in RedLet's concentrate on everything that is beautiful about us, including everything and everyone around us! I promise you, we will all be much happier and the world will be a better place - or certainly look like it is!

All the foundations that we carry at Linea Intima are meant to not only support you, but to also show-off your feminine curves. It's our mission to guide you through the multitude of styles and help you choose the perfect lingerie to flatter your figure.

PrimaDonna Twist A La Folie in Blue Bijou

Throughout my years of experience, I've noticed how you look at yourself in the mirror, when you have on the proper size and perfect style of bra, shapewear or sleepwear. You may not notice, but I do - you stand straighter and often you pose like the models you see in the magazines and yes, you start to smile!

Your smile is the best curve and it is the one that everybody will notice first!

When you leave our store feeling great and your smile radiates confidence - people will comment, "have you lost weight?" or "is that a new outfit?".

I hope you will tell your friends that Linea Intima helps shape and support every woman's curves, especially the most beautiful curve of all!

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