A sports bra should control breast motion without causing discomfort or any difficulty in breathing. It’s important to always wear a supportive sports bra for both high and low impact activities. Sports bras are designed with features such as protective, pressure absorbing layers (to comfortably minimize movement) and shock absorbing straps. Hi-tech fabrics provide reduced stretch for greater support, plus they are breathable and wick away moisture, for greater comfort. A good sports bra should offer 2-3 times more support than an ordinary bra. Depending on your activity level, you may need to have more than one style of sports bra in your wardrobe.

Linea Intima carries a selection of styles which are designed specifically for different levels of activity, such as jogging, golf or yoga.

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Available in GREY INTENSE and BUBBLE.

Fit Tips

  • Your size in a sports bra may not be exactly the same as a regular bra.
  • ‘Test-jump’ in the bra to make sure your entire upper body moves as one unit.
Liliana's Tips - Finding the right sports bra is as important as finding the right athletic shoes.


  • Sports bras (like athletic shoes) have a shorter lifespan than regular bras due to more vigorous wear and tear.
  • Be aware when your bras loses elasticity and remember to replace them.
  • Hand wash a sports bra after every wear.
  • Hang it to dry, to increase its longevity and performance.
  • If you are very active, have 2-3 sports bras you can interchange, to ensure a longer lifespan of each.

Liliana's Tips - Don't buy sports bras on looks alone, fit and function matter most. Don’t be tempted to use your regular bras (or old “dead” ones) for sports.
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