Our bra-sized swimwear collection is focused on the three F’s




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The majority of our styles are one-piece designs, selected to enhance hard-to-fit figures. We carry Maryan Mehlhorn, Anita and PrimaDonna swimwear. These brands not only support and flatter larger busts but also address tummy concerns and offers moderate coverage that’s both stylish and comfortable. Fabrics feature a high lycra content which improves the fit and extends the life of the suits.

PrimaDonna Swim Cocktail in Fiesta Red

How to buy the perfect bathing suit

  • Set a positive tone...Consider applying sunless tanner and remember to shave and do your hair and makeup. If you arrive in a positive mood you’ll be able to concentrate on the assets of each bathing suit and your own!
  • Don’t rush...Relax and allow yourself enough time (minimum ½ hour) to spend on this important task.
  • Keep an open mind...Try not to arrive with any preconceived ideas. Let the fitting expert suggest the best size, style and colour. Often women are surprised by a suit they would never have selected themselves.
  • Go it alone...Bathing suit shopping, when done right, requires your full concentration. It’s easy to be distracted by opinions that are not your own. (Unless you have someone whose opinion you totally trust and you can rely on their guidance).
  • Think of buying jeans...It’s always best to buy a suit that’s a little snug. Given the elements such as hot weather, body heat and water, bathing suit fabric will always stretch!

Bathing Suit Care Tips

Help your swimwear look and fit better, longer with these important tips.

  • Avoid getting sunscreen on fabrics.
  • Gently hand wash after every wear in a mild detergent to remove chlorine, sand, sun and perspiration.
  • Let air dry out of the sun.
  • Like a bra, your swimsuit will last longer and fit better if you alternate suits, giving each a chance to come back into shape.
Liliana's Tips - When you find a bathing suit you love and it fits, buy it! Like all fashion finds, the perfect one might not be there when you need it.