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Lingerie is notoriously complicated for men, but how much do us women really know about the subject? Do you know what style to wear under what outfit or fabric? Do you understand how (and when!) your size may fluctuate? Are you surprised at how little you know?

You aren't alone!

The subject of undergarments has been taboo for so long. Many lingerie departments and stores actually didn't even do bra fittings, let alone know how to do them properly! They didn't understand how to store and wash bras, and rarely discussed uneven sizes or the need for a "period bra".

Each season magazines publish the must have items and how to wear them. When is the last time they included the correct undergarments for each look? They show us a trending style with the shoes, accessories, even lipstick! But what about the most important item? That's the one with will "make or break" the whole outfit. The one that nobody sees but everybody notices.

The best we get from a magazine is that feature once or twice a year (more for advertiser's sake) with pictures and dry explanations that we may look at and enjoy - but do they actually teach us anything?

Linea Intima is here to be your lingerie adviser and no subject is too small or too big (no pun intended). We are here to teach you about sizes, styles, colours, wardrobe choices, care and what you're better off to toss. 

Let me help you book your next appointment!

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    I was in your store at avenue road and was helped by Pamela . She was really friendly, helpful and fitted me beautifully. It was a great experience and I will be going back to her.

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