At a recent visit to the optometrist, while my glasses were being adjusted as they need to be once in a while to improve the fit – I had a “lightbulb” moment … we offer the same "tune-up" service at Linea Intima for bras, but I think very few of you know about it!

bra straps

As you wear your bra day after day, similar to your glasses, parts of it tend to stretch – like the band, which you can adjust with the hooks yourself. But the straps also stretch out and as a result your bra doesn’t quite fit or support the way it did when you bought it.

We want to remind you that you can bring any bra into Linea Intima and we will gladly adjust the straps and improve how it fits. OR so it fits like new once again. Yes … even the bras you didn’t purchase from us!

It’s a good idea to do this a couple of times over the course of a year to help maintain the perfect fit, a cornerstone of our customer service. Our experts will also give you other helpful fit tips or answer any questions you might have.

It’s important to treat your bra just like other investment purchases you make - your glasses, your car, your watch - and bring it in to Linea Intima for a “tune-up” to extend the life of your investment and improve the way it performs.

It's our “added-value” that we are pleased to offer all Linea Intima customers!


  • Posted on by Katie Gamboz

    Responding to LISA:
    The ‘Bra Tune Up’ is a service we offer at no charge ;) We understand that a great quality bra is expensive, so we want them to last as long as possible for you. We will happily make any adjustments that we can, in order to make them fit you perfectly again. If that means we have to take in the band, or put tacks in the cups or shorten the straps – we will do whatever we can to make them ‘like new’.
    Simply bring in your bra(s) to any Linea Intima store, even the bra(s) you have not purchased from us ;)
    One of our professional bra fitters will re-fit you in your existing bras and see what we can do to make them fit you perfectly again.

  • Posted on by Lisa

    Wow, this is so good to know! I find that the straps on my bras wear out over time and they lose elasticity. I had no idea that you could get these “tuned up”. I thought the only alternative was to replace the whole thing. Thank you for offering this service because there have been many situations when a favourite bra of mine will get discontinued and it can be hard to find an alternative.

    Is there a fee for this or somewhere on your website where it lists the cost of this service? Thanks!

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