North American women generally consider bras a necessity, but see matching panties as an indulgence; while European women buy two pairs of matching panties for every bra! Coordinating bras and panties not only complete a woman’s wardrobe but enhance her overall appearance and self esteem. We have a large selection of bras and panties online, and we encourage you to try a matching set and see the difference it makes!

Panty Pointers

  • Experience how wonderful you feel, when you wear a matching set!
  • At the least, wear a pair of panties that complements your bra.
  • Nude, white, and black are necessary basics every woman needs.
  • Fashion colours add the sizzle to your panty wardrobe.
  • Cotton gussets are a must-have in every panty.
  • Cotton and microfiber styles are perfect for everyday.
  • Silky fabrics or support styles work best under clingy knits.
  • Choose breathable fabrics for athletic activities.

Invisible Culotte Noir Thongs - White, Java and Black

Lingerie Intervention: No-Show Solutions

  • A colour that is closest to your skin tone is the best fade-away shade. Forget white, it will show!
  • Avoid bumpy edges – choose flat or laser-cut legs and waistbands that won’t press or ‘cut’ your flesh.
  • Streamline under fitted fashions – wear lingerie that works with your clothing, such as low-rise panties with low-cut pants and avoid bra straps with revealing tops.
  • Make microfiber your friend. Today’s synthetics are ‘breathable’ and have a lovely lightweight feel.
  • Wear the right size panty – styles that are too loose will ride up and cause puckers; too tight will cause indentations in your skin.
Simplify your travel lingerie with microfiber panties. They dry faster, so you’ll need fewer pairs.
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