Best of Intima Award

Best of Intima Award

August is a big month for the lingerie industry! While the stores are busy with the summer sales and the buyers are busy with the orders for the upcoming spring season and the office is inundated with receiving and distributing the fabulous fall merchandise...the lingerie industry across north America gears up to celebrate itself in a big way, with an Oscar-style gala party in New York City.

Kevin (our Spanx and Wacoal supplier), me, and my husbandYou know the words to the famous song, New York, New York: "If you can make it there, I'll make it anywhere"? Well, I am incredibly proud and most humbled to let you all know that Linea Intima did MAKE IT!

Last month, at the exclusive Best of Intima Awards, the 10th Anniversary Event at the posh Tribeca Rooftop restaurant, the who's who of our industry (all dressed t -"kill", met for schmoozing, appetizers and of course cocktails. It was a perfectly beautiful evening and I was so happy to be there with my husband and my peers. I was also very relaxed - I knew Linea Intima had been selected once again as a finalist (430 stores were nominated and 33 were finalists in 5 categories), but since we won the Best Retail Development Award last year, I was sure this year we would be only spectators.

To my complete and utter surprise, Linea Intima won the coveted award for Best Reference Shop - described as "A large community landmark with a complete and varied product offer. A shop where customer service is key, with the guidance of a fully qualified staff and the communications and advertising campaigns extended and diverse".

IMG_1995I've always felt it is such an honour just to be nominated, to be included among the best of the industry. But to be the only Canadian store to win this year left me speechless and very excited.

Well...I wasn't really speechless (as you know me, that would be hardly possible..) and in fact I got to have two speeches. During the first one, still under shock, I thanked all the suppliers for their beautiful products which help us improve our customers lives one bra at a time!

The second speech, graciously awarded to me by Francesca Spinetta, editor-in-chief of the Best of Intima magazine, the organizer of the event, gave me the opportunity to truly thank the love of my life - my husband, for standing by me and helping me accomplish my dreams. I also thanked my wonderful staff, without whom I would have a problem being everywhere at the same time - they are the ones that make me look good!

But now I'd like to take the opportunity to tell you that you make everything worth while, and you make us strive to be best at what we do.
I want to thank you for your loyalty and your trust - so....THANK YOU!

The beautiful view at the Best of Intima Awards

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