• Mother's Day Blog

    Mother's Day Blog

    "Children begin by loving their parents, after a time they judge them; rarely, if ever, do they forgive them" - Oscar Wilde Few people know that some months ago I lost my mother. I am writing this Mother's Day blog in her memory, I do miss her so much... She liked Mother's Day because my brother and my kids and their families gathered at...
  • French Breast Study: “Wearing a bra causes your breasts to sag.”

    French Breast Study: “Wearing a bra causes your breasts to sag.”

    I recently caught a segment on Good Morning America about the results of a 15-year French study which says, wearing bras make your breasts sag even more and they do nothing to reduce back pain.  So you’re better off going braless. http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/entertainment/2013/04/saggy-breasts-back-pain-is-your-bra-to-blame/ Research professor Jean-Denis Rouillon, from the University of Besançon, looked at the changes in the breasts of 330 women and says that...
  • Oscars 2013

    Oscars 2013

    You know how much I love the Oscars. The fashions on the red carpet are my favourite thing about the show. I not only see the “fashion faux pas” that everyone else does, but my lingerie-xray-vision means I "see through” the clothes to the “undergarment faux pas" no one else sees! But I also love the entertainment factor, including the music, the jokes and...
  • Paris 2013

    Paris 2013

    Paris is a city like no other and it is always exiting to travel there for the SIL ( Salon International de la Lingerie). Of course I wish the event would take place in the month of March or May and not January when it is mostly cold and grey. But this year was different: it was not cold- it was very cold. And...
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