Paris 2013

Paris 2013

Paris is a city like no other and it is always exiting to travel there for the SIL ( Salon International de la Lingerie). Of course I wish the event would take place in the month of March or May and not January when it is mostly cold and grey. But this year was different: it was not cold- it was very cold. And it was not grey but rather white- lots and lots of snow. Parisians are not used to driving in the snow or even clearing their roads so traffic was very hard, lucky they have a great subway system so going to the show was a breeze.

And the show, like everything was a big plan ahead of time, was all covered in white carpet and the theme was Ice Land. The hostesses where dressed in white also, with fur coats and hats - it really looked as beautiful as the winter wonderland outside.

Among the new styles, white was not the strong colour, but quite the opposite: black lace, black prints, black sheer, black sequence black was everywhere. So was silver, sapphire blue, emerald green and burgundy/ brown. I have noticed a strong revival of the body suit ( born in 1970, strong in 1980 and dormant since) either in soft fabrics and lots of lace or in a strong support fabric to hold and alongante the silhouette.

In general I felt that the styles were more simple lines, elegant and pure with beautiful simple details. The prints were rather geometric and graphique but still sophisticated and feminine.

We are working now at all our orders for fall 2013 and we will keep you posted with pictures and details of all the new "goodies".

A bientot


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