Mother's Day Blog

Mother's Day Blog

"Children begin by loving their parents, after a time they judge them; rarely, if ever, do they forgive them" - Oscar Wilde

Few people know that some months ago I lost my mother. I am writing this Mother's Day blog in her memory, I do miss her so much...

She liked Mother's Day because my brother and my kids and their families gathered at our house each year to celebrate both my mother and me. She loved the attention and the gifts, yet sometimes she also felt shy and overwhelmed by all of the people and all of the attention. She would sit on the side, smiling, and just watch us.

She loved her birthday better. We had this ritual of spending the whole day together starting with a new hairdo. Then we’d have a manicure, then we’d visit the mall for a new outfit and finish off the day with lunch – just the two of us! She loved that she had my undivided attention and really felt, for that special day, that I was all hers.

Me and my motherMy mother was a very strong willed woman. She always pushed me to achieve more. Growing up I often resented this, but now I am grateful for the way she raised me. I owe it to her for the type of person, wife and mother I have become!

I also owe my love of lingerie to her. My mother was a very elegant woman - she loved and appreciated fine lingerie and always wore the most beautiful undergarments. She felt that lingerie was special and should always be perfect and immaculate because, "You never know when you might be in an accident and end up in the hospital. What would the doctor who attends to you think?" (I wonder how many of you reading this scenario smile, remembering similar discussions with your mother.) Because of her I always dreamed of having pretty camisoles, silk hosiery and long, lacy night gowns...

She loved to come with me to the Linea Intima stores (and always believed I worked too hard). She would routinely check the new arrivals and select her favourites to enhance her lingerie wardrobe. She believed that a woman can never have too much lingerie. “It is for your soul,” she would say. "Not because you need it but because you have to have it.”

She lived with my husband and I for the last 15 years of her life. When I was young we did not get along very well and had many fights, but I am grateful that we got to spend her last years together to mend our relationship. It gave me the opportunity to really get to know and understand her. At the end I was with her, holding her hand and I let her go without any regrets, only with love and sadness. I have now so many good memories!

Mom, you will never be forgotten, and you will always be loved!


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