The “Too Tight” Bra

The “Too Tight” Bra

Bra Back Extender - Multi Pack

Have you ever worn a bra that was so tight it made it difficult to breathe? Well I have. Yes, hard as it may be to believe, this has happened to me!

I was in the market for a navy bra and had my eye on a gorgeous one by PrimaDonna/Twist. I first tried on a 34D (a size I often find comfortable) but I couldn’t even hook it up. Then I tried a 36C (the size that fits me best when I wear Simone Pérèle,Marie Jo or Aubade). It fit me beautifully, especially across the back – just the way I like- so I removed the tags and went on about my job.

About five hours later I felt a pain in my back and it was almost hard to breathe - my bra was too tight on me! Luckily I was still at work so I added a one-hook bra extender then took a minute to analyze my bra and problem solved - it was comfortable again.

The next day I still needed the extender, so continued to wear it. About a week later I was comfortable wearing the bra on its own, without the extender.

The moral of this story?

Sometimes a bra is comfortable when we first try it on, but towards the end of the day it begins to feel too tight. Don’t panic - it’s not unusual for a bra to take a few days of wearing and washing to “relax". (Remember to gently hand wash it after each wearing or two.)

But sometimes it happens that it doesn’t relax and it is simply just too tight. In that case, a visit back to the store for a re-check and a bra-extender will remedy the situation.Once you find the perfect bra – don’t automatically assume you can buy that exact one again. It’s important to have a bra-fitting at least once a year and certainly when you go to buy a new bra. Why? Because our body changes as weight fluctuates, due to medications, exercise, menopause and many other factors. But also because each brand fits differently and in fact even styles within the same brand can fit differently due to the design and fabric used.If you think about it – does every pant or dress in your usual size fit you the same?Have you discovered how helpful a bra-extender can be?

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