• How do I find good underwear? via The Kit

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    How do I find good underwear? via The Kit
    First, define what you're looking for, and then treat yourself - Kathryn Hudson, 11/02/19 Click HERE to see original post. “I’m sick of cheap underwear that never fit quite right. How do you find good everyday underwear?” — Toni, Toronto   Your approach to underwear says a lot about you. Sure, you can draw some conclusions from the style—certainly someone who opts for a lime...
  • Experience the Beauty of a French Lingerie Set

    North American women often envy their European counterparts - especially the French.  We romanticize about everything they do.  We imagine them sitting at outside cafés on the streets of Paris and skirting around cars on their Vespas. The Parisian woman is confident, strong, and seductive. She knows that the secret to great style and looking your best is to dress well from the inside,...
  • Saxx - Movember

    Seems like everyone we know is having a love affair with Saxx Underwear - our customers, all of us at Linea Intima, not to mention the men in our lives who love that we carry the brand at all of our stores.  They often get more excited when we bring home a new pair of boxers than when we come home with a sexy...
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