Miami Swimwear Show

Miami Swimwear Show

Miami Swimwear ShowI love the city of Miami, especially during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and I especially love attending the Swimwear Show which we go to every year!

Each time I see this show I’m filled with excitement and enthusiasm. There is a wonderful holiday atmosphere about it. But the sun and sand vibe can’t mask the fact that this is no vacation, it is hard work.

It begins as soon as you register - before you even leave your office to head to the airport - millions (I exaggerate - only hundreds) of swimwear companies call or email to set up a buying appointment with you during the event. There are a lot of exhibitors and most of their display booths are only accessible by appointment, so it’s critical to have one booked – especially for the most sought after brands – or you may otherwise miss out on an opportunity to carry the hottest new look. No pressure!

For three consecutive days we attend appointment after appointment - visiting our regular suppliers (brands that we already carry), seeing new ones, looking for specific brands or styles which you (our customers) have asked for. After a while it becomes difficult to concentrate and to keep all of the information straight! That’s when our years of buying experience kick in to keep us on track - reviewing, comparing and double-checking our notes and photos - to ensure we meet your expectations, in bringing you the best of the best!

La Perla Swimwear ModelsThen, at 6pm, after a full day of buying, when we’re pretty much unable to string a sentence together and everything we’ve seen is a blur - the fashion shows begin!

Many are by-invitation and this year we were thrilled to be invited to the La Perla fashion show. It was held at the posh, Soho hotel, where we enjoyed cocktails and gourmet finger food, then enjoyed watching the gorgeous models parading down the runway in even more gorgeous bathing suits and lingerie. The highlight of the evening for me was meeting and chatting with La Perla’s brilliant creative director, Giovanni Bianchi.

The next night we were invited to the Mercedes-Benz Young Designers fashion show, dedicated to showcasing upcoming talent. I loved the buzz and creative vibe in the air, and really enjoyed discovering four fabulous new designers – not to mention that the show was out of this world!

Now I am back in my office, labouring over the orders (which - don’t get me wrong - is a labour of love), but I know there are some of you who think it looks easy...


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