Gottex Israel Fashion Show

Gottex Israel Fashion Show

Gottex Swim Fashion Show 2012

Gottex Swim Fashion Show 2012I recently had the amazing opportunity to visit Israel where I was invited to a very special fashion show at the Gottex swimwear store – one of the most beautiful retail spaces on that side of the world.

As we arrived, it was a glorious day with a clear, sunny blue sky. The store was closed to the public for this exclusive, by-invitation-only event. One after the other, the most beautiful and influential women from around the world arrived. It was a who’s who of diplomatic society. The place quickly filled and I had a chance to mingle over coffee and sweets with the wives of the ambassadors of Egypt, Japan, Singapore and Holland, as well as other influential women from Israeli society.

The atmosphere was very warm and friendly. We all had so much in common - cooking, our children, a love of basking in the sun and a love of beautiful things (in this case bathing suits!).

Then the show began, with Gottex designer, Michal Weinberg, introducing the entire Gottex staff. He reminded us that the company’s mission is to make women look and feel beautiful on any beach in the world.

Gottex ModelsThe models were stunning, but the swimsuits were truly the "piece de resistance". I fell in love with the collection, as did all of the other guests (based on the loud applause).

I feel very lucky to have been there that day, and to have experienced how there truly are no borders when it comes to beauty. What's more - the first delivery of these gorgeous bathing beauties arrived in our stores this week!


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