Liliana Mann’s TA TA Celebrity Bra Design Q&A Series

Liliana Mann’s TA TA Celebrity Bra Design Q&A Series

As was mentioned in my previous blog, Allan Bell from the Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation asked me recently if we could supply bras for its TA TA Bra Design Silent Auction. Linea Intima is a proud supporter of Breast Cancer initiatives every October, so of course I said “YES!”

The TA TA Bra Design Silent Auction benefits the annual CIBC Celebration of Hope for Markham Stouffville Hospital’s Breast Health Centre and Chemotherapy Clinic.

I had the privilege of getting the inside scoop from some of the designers on their design inspiration and their experience as a Bra Designer. I will be sharing these on my blog, leading up to this year’s CIBC Celebration of Hope: Chocolate Sunday Luncheon on October 26th. I hope you will attend this amazing event and support this worthwhile cause.

Don’t forget to bid on one of our TA TA Designer Bras!

Liliana’s TA TA Celebrity Bra Designer Q&A with CHFI’s Erin Davis, Emcee of the Chocolate Sunday Luncheon.

Liliana: What was the hardest part and the easiest part of designing your bra?

Erin Davis: The hardest part - actually getting going! I had ordered some felt pieces online, and they never arrived (grrrrr...) so I had to switch from a "donut" theme (must've been hungry when I came up with it) to something a little Disney. I decided on "Under the C". The second hardest part: finding 8 hours to do it, but the easiest was doing it once I'd started - the inspiration just kept flowing until it was done!

Liliana: How long did it take?

Erin Davis: - 8 hours. I had help from my husband who ended up as totally covered in sparkles as I did (and the cleanup took about another hour, because there were sparkles everywhere!) but where Allan Bell and any request through him is concerned, it's never too much.

Liliana: What’s your favourite element of the design?

Erin Davis: My favourite element is that it looks like a Vegas Mermaid outfit. I wanted it to look like an ocean fantasy from the rhinestones and pearls (to look like bubbles) to the blingy starfish that adorns the centre, and real starfish that are on the straps. Tiny shells are dotted on the "foam" at the top of the cups - so that it all combines for a lovely (if not slightly busy) ocean scene. The "C" of course, is my bra cup size...the play on "sea" was actually what inspired the whole design.

Liliana: Did you have someone in mind when you designed your bra? Is there any special significance to your design, in addition to the fact it’s helping raise funds for breast cancer?

Erin Davis: Actually, Allan (Bell) was in my mind when I designed this. Because of his close association with breast cancer (of which his sister Lesley passed away) I wanted it to be something that he'd be proud to say his friend Erin made. I didn't want to look like I grabbed a glue gun and slapped something together. I made it with love and opted to forgo the pink of breast cancer this time. I mean, this is the ocean, baby!

Erin Davis's

Erin Davis's "before" and "after" of her bra

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