French Vacation

French Vacation

French VacationI LOVE to travel and one of my biggest pleasures is experiencing the lifestyle and customs of each new place I visit.

This summer we spent a few days in France, in a region called Dordogne. We drove from Paris and slept the night in a hotel across one of the most beautiful chateaux in the Loire Valley, le Chateau de Chenonceau.

It is known as “the Ladies’ Chateau”, given that it has belonged to more than five different ladies throughout its history, from 1547 when it was given by King Henri ll to his favourite mistress, Diane de Poitiers, then his widow Catherine de Medici, followed by Louise of Lorraine, wife of King Henri lll, followed by her niece, Françoise de Lorraine and the last lady to own it was Simone Menier, whose family owned the Menier chocolate factory.

It is kept in its original state - complete with all of the furniture, kitchen utensils and manicured gardens – everything just as it was in the chateau’s glory days. The walls are hung with magnificent original paintings, some of them portraying women from long ago, when beauty was defined by rounder shapes and a woman's body was adored (similar to now, but without the diets!).

I felt inspired by the beauty of the place as well as the people of that time, with their dedication to beauty in all its forms. It is no wonder the French have such a love for lingerie!

Amazing Race FilmingBy coincidence we visited the chateau on the same day as the filming of “The Amazing Race”. Everyone working on the show was sworn to secrecy, so tourists were being told it was a documentary, which gave us all a chuckle as everyone was fussing while we recognized the host, and knew what was up!

In Sarlat, a large village in Dordogne, we experienced a French wedding (well sort of French - the bride was French, the groom Scottish). All of the guests were “dressed to kill". I was in awe and admired the beautiful dresses, the strong, vibrant colours and the way everything matched perfectly, from shoes to gorgeous hosiery, to stunning hats both large and small, without the fear of mixing strong colours.

The newlyweds left the church and made their grand entrance out onto the street amidst a crowd of onlookers and guests. The young couple (they were actually middle-aged, with three small kids) took off in a sporty convertible, serenaded by three pipers dressed in traditional Scottish attire. Everyone applauded as they sped away!

Chantal Thomass Paris StoreAfter the wedding we returned to Paris and can you guess where I headed? Bra shopping of course!

For sometime now, I have been curious about the fit of a line called Chantal Thomass. This was the perfect opportunity to check it out, so I went for a visit to the brand’s store - a very luxurious, sexy shop, at 211, rue st Honore. The “mademoiselles” who work there were knowledgeable and attentive. Everything about the store, including the customer service, reminded me of our stores.

I left happy as a clam, with two new bra and panty sets and most importantly - determined to bring their beautiful bras to you! à bientôt…


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