Emmys 2012

Emmys 2012

Emmys 2012I love all of the Hollywood award shows - the glamour and the party atmosphere! If anybody calls or needs my attention during an awards show, I very politely explain that I cannot stop watching it because "I am really working".

I listen to the talk shows and am happy when I agree with them, but sometimes I think "really?" I tweeted my favourite looks the night of the show, but to sum it all up, here are my humble opinions on the whole thing (starting with the lingerie of course!)

I wish more celebrity stylists would pay attention to the undergarments. The beautiful Julianne Moore's bra could not have been more obvious if she wore it on the outside! On the other hand, there were far too many to mention, who forgot their bra altogether. With all of the deep plunge décolleté, there was way "too much on display" and not enough left to the imagination.

Julianne Moore - Emmys 2012Was it just me or was there a lot of talk about “boobs”? Someone wondered if the show’s theme was “cleavage” and the comment was made that, “maybe they will get more awards if they “show more boobs”. Could that be the reason so much was showing?! And nipple covers were discussed quite a lot. Someone tweeted that Julie Bowen nailed the Emmy theme of the night with “nipple covers”. (Note to self - check stock levels. I have a feeling we will need a lot of them for Christmas parties this season.)

Overall I thought the show was very entertaining, with some new twists, gimmicks and Jimmy Kimmel was funny (but not when he sang his In Memorium tribute to Jimmy Kimmel) - unless he knows something we don't. The show exuded old Hollywood glamour and most of the celebrities were playing the part.

Nicole Kidman - Emmys 2012Some were as beautiful as one would expect - from dress to hair to jewellery. My favourites included Nicole Kidman’s gorgeous white with blue sequin dress and Sofia Vergara's sexy green mermaid dress. Kerry Washington sparkled in a simple, elegant design. Tina Fey surpassed my expectations (I was not very kind to her at the Oscars) but she was definitely a winner in my book this time, in a gorgeous figure-flattering burgundy dress. Some scored below my expectations. Heidi Klum’s georgette dress looked more like a beach cover-up and Claire Danes (whom I always admire) looked like she was draped in a yellow curtain rather than a maternity dress.

Ariel Winter - Emmys 2012More than ever, there was colour on the red carpet, like Hannah Simone’s beautiful yellow dress, plus there were shades of orange, lilac, chartreuse, green and seafoam in sequined solids and pretty prints. There was a little bit of the usual black (loved Edie Falco’s avant-garde choice of black front and white back). There was also lot of silver and grey like Emily Vancamp’s gorgeous and elegant light grey dress and Ariel Winter’s youthful and unique grey print design.

All in all I had a great time in my DKNY PJs, with my glass of vino, making my notes...


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