Why do men feel uncomfortable in a lingerie store?

Why do men feel uncomfortable in a lingerie store?

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Men + Lingerie Stores = Uncomfortable

The other day I was working in one of our stores. A young mother was having a bra- fitting, while the nona was entertaining the little son outside. It was a beautiful day and the boy was happy to be chatting with his grandma; when I overheard him asking to go inside the store and see his mother. The grandma quickly answered, "This is a ladies’ store. Boys don't go in there!" The boy of course asked "why?", and her answer was,

"Boys don't go into stores that are only for ladies."

Looking ahead 20 years from now, I can only imagine that this young man will no doubt be scared-to-death to step foot into a lingerie store!

Not surprisingly (given my profession!), I think it’s absolutely fine for men to venture into lingerie stores. In fact, it should be a pleasant experience for them and certainly shouldn’t be taboo!

Women love to receive gifts from their significant others; especially gifts of lingerie. How else can those ‘others’ ever purchase lingerie to gift the woman they love, if they’re terrified to shop in a lingerie store?

In the spirit of the holidays - let’s take note of the messages and subtle signals we send to our sons as they’re growing up. I can't help but think how important it is to raise them the way we would like our husbands to be. The next generation of wives and partners (and lingerie wearers) will thank you!


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