My Lingerie Resolutions

My Lingerie Resolutions

At the beginning of each year I like to reflect on the past year and its events.

I like to put the New Year in perspective and make ‘a game plan’ of improvements. Of course I am thinking (and promising myself) to eat better and try to loose weight. I am seriously contemplating joining a fitness club and I decided to always remove my make-up and brush my teeth each night!

However, being immersed in the lingerie industry, I am also putting into perspective my ‘lingerie habits’. I am embarrassed and guilty of breaking a few of my own rules. I do know how important it is to feel good from the inside out, therefore this coming year I am making a pledge to improve my personal lingerie wardrobe and I hope to inspire you to do the same.

Here are my lingerie resolutions for the New Year:

1. De-clutter my closet - starting with my lingerie drawers.

You know you have a drawer full of bras and panties but you always pick the same ones, the ones you love the most, so really you are wearing maybe 25% of your ‘treasures’. So be strong and make the right choices: discard the old, ratty and unflattering bras and panties. Make plans to donate anything that's in good shape - like the uncomfortable styles you insisted on keeping because they were "just so pretty" or because they would "fit one day". Gather all the impulse buys, too-good-to-pass-up deals (the ones that still have the price tag on) and take them to a local women’s shelter.

Now you'll have room to fill your drawers with lots of new, perfect fitting lingerie, and fill your life this coming year with luxury and love!

2. Find a sports bra that actually works.

If you are serious about joining a sports/fitness club or starting your own routine at home - be ready with the right sports bra for the activity you choose. There are styles designed specifically for different levels of activity. A good sports bra will minimize breast bounce, comfortably support your ‘girls’ and help absorb moisture and odours. Even those with smaller sized ‘girls’ can experience discomfort associated with high impact physical activity and need a supportive bra that doesn't restrict movement.

3. Improve my sleep - choose comfort without sacrificing beauty

It is a fact that comfortable sleepwear will improve the quality of your sleep, so it's important to choose the style that's most comfortable for you. And comfort doesn't mean you have to give up feeling sexy and attractive. There's a wide selection of beautiful designs in luxury fabrics and pretty colours that make a fashionable, good night sleep a dream come true.

4. Take better care of my lingerie investment.

Use a special detergent for delicates – one with a nice smell, that’s gentle on both your hands and your pretty underthings. The more you love using it, the more it will entice you to regularly handwash your intimate investments. You’ll find it’s worth the extra effort at night, so that you wake up in the morning to find your choices for the day (or whatever suits your mood) freshly, cleaned and waiting for you to put them on!

I feel very optimistic about 2012 and look forward with anticipation to the exciting months ahead and all of the possibilities. Remember that living life to the fullest starts with loving yourself. This year, be the best YOU that you can be!


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