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I recently had an optometrist appointment to have my eyes checked and I decided on a pair of beautiful glasses.
If you've ever had to buy glasses to help with your vision, you often have to rely on the advice of your partner, friend, or sales associate to help you decide what looks good because there are so many options and your vision is compromised. 
Once you pick up your new glasses, that's when you finally "see" yourself for the first time. Hopefully, you like them and they're comfortable!
When my new glasses were ready and I picked them up I was in love, however, after wearing them for a few hours I realized they were very uncomfortable and I began to get a horrible headache. The frame was actually too small for my face so they kept moving. I was definitely not happy. 
I returned to the store, feeling trapped and expecting an unpleasant discussion. What a surprise when the exact opposite happened! The owner was so understanding and after carefully inspecting, agreed the frame was too small for me. She asked for the frames and with the help of heat, molded the "hands", custom fitting these beautiful glasses to comfortably fit my shape perfectly! It was then that I realized not only bras need to be fitted perfectly. There are other items that require a little extra care as they become an extension of you.
The moral of my story is that if you just got a new bra or if you aren't feeling absolutely comfortable in your bra(s), this is a reminder to come visit us and let us "custom fit" it for you!
Maybe it's as simple as a quick change in the tightness around your back, or to customize the fit of the straps so they're different lengths. Perhaps you just need a little tuck in the cups! There is also a possibility that the bra has fulfilled its purpose and it's time for a new one.

In any case, our expert bra fitters and I are always more than happy to see you for the perfect fit. When you wake up in the morning you will be looking forward to wearing your bra, instead of waiting to take it off at night.


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