Global Toronto – The Morning Show, Holiday Lingerie Segment

Global Toronto – The Morning Show, Holiday Lingerie Segment

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Global Toronto – The Morning Show, Holiday Lingerie Segment

I met Liza Fromer a number of years ago when she was co-host of Toronto’s Breakfast Television - before she got married, had children and moved to the Global television network.

I was so happy when I received a call inviting me to be her guest on Global Toronto’s The Morning Show. And I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that she had suggested me to her producer!

This was my first appearance on The Morning Show. I was very excited and although I’ve been on television many times, I was also a little bit nervous. Even though I have lots of experience in front of the camera, there’s something about going live with hundreds (maybe thousands) of people watching you, that can be unnerving. As soon as your segment begins everything you’ve prepared leaves your mind and you just try to focus on your host, forget the cameras and simply talk about your favourite subject – in my case, lingerie of course!

My December 7th segment was all about lingerie for the holidays. The Morning Show broadcasts from Global’s downtown studio, which is in full view of Bloor Street, thanks to a wall of full length windows. We certainly woke up passersby that morning with our beautiful lingerie models!

I started off by explaining how important it is to wear the right bra under your holiday fashions. Whether your outfit is strapless, fitted or sheer - the bra you wear with it is the key to a flattering and memorable look. It not only makes your clothes fit better, but it improves your self-confidence. (And who can’t use more of that as you work the room at a party?!)

I had two mannequins on the set, one dressed in MarieJo’s Avero strapless fuchsia bra to show a colourful option to basic black and nude and the second in the sexy Marlies Dekkers Dame de Paris bra – a favourite of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. It’s a hot look that’s meant to show under low cut necklines or sheer fabrics. Then I was joined on camera by Empreintes gorgeous, well endowed house model, Mallory, who wore a lacy burgundy Thalia bra to show that even if you’re a 34G you can have fashionable support that’s keeps your girls up in style.

My ‘brave’ and beautiful assistant buyer, Jennifer and assistant store manager, Rita modelled great sleepwear gift ideas - luxe silk PJs by Canadian designer, Christine, a feminine turquoise Natori chemise, a flirty black Addiction chemise and an elegant black Jonquil peignoir. Mallory modelled a trendy Natori silk kimono.

It was a fun morning and a wonderful way to highlight our holiday lingerie to Global viewers. Liza was so sweet and so friendly – just like I remembered her. My models Mallory, Rita and Jennifer really helped to make my first appearance on The Morning Show a success!

If you missed the show, here’s the link to my segment.

I’d love to know what you think about it and what other lingerie topics you’d like to learn about in future tv segments I do. Let me know.


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