Eucalan Wrapture Blog Tour

Eucalan Wrapture Blog Tour

There is a new winner in the house and no, I am not talking about Dancing With The Stars! It is Eucalan’s new fine fabric wash in the most intoxicating Jasmine fragrance.

You probably already know how much I love Eucalan – for so many reasons - it’s a no rinse wash, it’s a quick, time saving way to freshen my delicates (as well as my heavy sweaters) and I love that it’s ‘green’!

The Grapefruit scented wash used to be my favourite, but recently I had the opportunity to sample Wrapture by designer Kristin Omdahl, infused with the beneficial essential oil of Night Bloom Jasmine.

Let me tell you about this new fragrance - it is lovely and it is luxurious! It makes my entire bathroom smell and feel like an expensive hotel room. The scent lingers in the air long after I’m finished using it and bonus - it feels like a spa treatment for my hands! After a nice warm soak…er, I mean after washing my intimates…my hands aren’t dried out at all, thanks to the lanolin in Wrapture.

I did not think Eucalan could be improved, but Wrapture takes ‘washing fine fabrics’ to a whole new level. I’d describe it as a sensory experience – similar to the wonderful way sumptuous lingerie feels on your body.

This delicate jasmine white, balconette bra and boyleg panty are exactly what comes to mind when I think of Wrapture’s luxuriously feminine new scent. Marie Jo Eloise bra, $152 and boyleg panty, $93.

I’m excited for you to try Wrapture. You’ll find it the next time you’re in our stores and once you’ve had a chance to try it, please share your experience with me. I always love to hear from you.

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