9 to 5 Lingerie Business Tips

9 to 5 Lingerie Business Tips

One of the questions we ask our customers during a bra-fitting is what their wardrobe needs are for their job. It’s hard enough to get up every morning and figure out what to wear to work. You want to be comfortable all day yet look like you ‘mean business’. The last thing you need to worry about is what goes on underneath – your lingerie. It should fit perfectly, flatter your figure and make your clothes look better. Remember, the right bra will make you look like you’ve lost 10 lbs. and look 10 years younger!

Here are my Pro Tips for 9 to 5 Business Lingerie - what works and what doesn’t. Keep the attention focused on the work-at-hand not the girls!

The best styles of bras to get the job done.

  • Seamed – gives a more defined shape that helps fill out darts, enhances tailoring and improves fit under jackets, shirts and dresses. Perfect for management meetings.
  • Seamless – gives a smooth rounded shape under knit tops and sweaters. Because there are no seams, your bra disappears under clothing.
  • Wire-free – a soft-style bra can be more comfortable when you’re sitting all day at a computer.
  • Red as a surprising neutral under the office-basic, a crisp white shirt.
  • Cleavage control is a MUST. Choose a full cup style bra and when in doubt do up another button!

Panties with a purpose present a polished, pulled together look under pants and skirts.

  • Avoid VPL (visible panty lines) with laser cut seams.
  • Trim tummies and thighs with shaper style panties.
  • A colour closest to your skintone is the best fade-away shade under light colours.
  • Wear the right size panty – styles that are too loose will ride up and cause puckers, too tight will cause indentations in your skin.
  • Match your panty to your bra for a secret, feminine feel-good boost under more tailored office attire.

Office Intimates 101

  • Camouflage – make the season’s sheer and lace tops office-friendly with a lace or mesh cami underneath to create an opaque look. Switch it up for a sexy lace bra to go from desk to dinner.
  • Invest in the best you can afford – the right foundation will make all of your clothing look better and fit better.
  • Office totebag lingerie essentials should include: a sports bra for lunch hour workouts and an emergency 911 kit containing double-sided tape, nipple covers, safety pins or needle and thread and an extra pair of thongs and hosiery (just-in- case).

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