50 Shades of Lingerie, Luxury, Love

50 Shades of Lingerie, Luxury, Love

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50 Shades of Lingerie, Luxury, LoveYes, I read the book. And yes, I liked it. I am also very proud of the fact that I received it as a present from my daughter-in-law.

I learned some new things (a bit about myself) and I also got answers to some questions I’d always had (and did not dare to ask anyone!). I very much enjoyed this daring and modern Cinderella story. I think that deep down (no pun intended) we are still little girls who like stories with a happy ending!

A recent Chatelaine column, spoke to the positive effect 50 Shades of Grey has had on re-igniting our interest in talking about and enjoying sex. “This literary hit may be single-handedly re-energizing countless relationships and jump-starting sex lives. So whether you like the trilogy or not, seek out new ways to connect with your partner and spark your imagination. You’ll reduce your risk of heart attack, lower stress, burn calories, relieve pain – and, of course, have fun!”

I first became aware of the ‘sensuality consumer trend’ about two years ago. My friend Rebecca Apsan, owner of La Petite Coquette (one of the most talked about stores in NYC) was telling me about her success selling risqué, personal pleasure products. You wouldn't imagine who is buying them,” she confided. I was surprised and thought to myself, "Of course, only in NY and only in Rebecca’s store!”

Then I attended Curves in NYC, the largest lingerie show in North America. One of the exhibitors was Lelo. The sales manager Eliane, a tall beautiful Brazilian woman explained to us (in her exotic accent) about the benefits of Kegel exercise using Lelo’s Luna Pleasure Beads (a new and improved version of the age-old Ben-Wa Balls). She also showed us different vibrator designs, massage oils and candles. I have to admit I was intrigued (I know a number of women who could benefit from the Luna Beads and Kegel exercise, which I’d never heard of before).

This July I read ‘Pretty Dirty Things’ by Danielle Pergament in Allure Magazine, which brings to light the growing acceptance of kink. "..There's not a woman in here (Manhatten’s members-only Core Club) who doesn't use a vibrator…". The article describes all kinds of sex toys and personal pleasure accessories including the stores that carry them. It also states that, “High-end erotica isn't new. What is new is how popular it's become.” According to The New York Times’ Alessandra Stanley, “Fifty Shades of Grey is to publishing what Spanx was to the undergarment business.”

With all my new-found knowledge I really started to warm up to the subject (oops another pun), but it was this line in the Allure story that really clinched the idea of this trend for me, “The act of buying the toy becomes something altogether different if it happens in a beautiful boutique."

So with that, I’d like to introduce you to Linea Intima’s new 50 Shades of Lingerie, Luxury, Love displays, exclusively at our Avenue Road, new Bayview Village location and Oakville stores (…for now…!). I hope you’ll drop by soon to check them out - and enjoy!

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