Paris: Salon International de la Lingerie 2012

Paris: Salon International de la Lingerie 2012

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Paris: Salon International de la Lingerie 2012It does not matter how many times I travel to Paris to attend the Salon International de la Lingerie show, I still get excited, and the show never lets me down!

This year was no exception. My days were a whirlwind of gorgeous lingerie, glamorous parties, fashionable new lines and as always, unexpected encounters.

My visit began with a party at the Baccarat House (once a gorgeous private hotel, now a museum). It was organized by the house of Simone Perélè, as a thank you to their best stores from around the world and also to present their beautiful new Fall 2012 collection. And it was beautiful! I had the opportunity to meet and talk with other lingerie retailers from around the world (South Africa, Australia ), and discovered we are a lot alike and in many cases, they envy Canada and our economy.

Marlies Dekkers Paris storeI also visited the Marlies Dekkers Paris store. I did not introduce myself as a lingerie retailer and experienced a bra-fitting as a customer (just like you would).

I enjoyed my experience very much, as I hope you enjoy your experience at our Linea Intima stores. Note: I was pleased (but not surprised) when I was fit with a different size in each of the 3 bras I purchased. It really does not matter the letter and number on the label- choose the fit and comfort every time.

The Salon International show was simply vibrating with energy and activity this season and pulsating with excitement – about the existing lines as well as the many new ones. I felt that it was larger than usual – both in the number of exhibitors as well as visitors.

The Fall season is all about indulgence and acceptance. Indulging your own secret fantasies and your weaknesses, but also the acceptance and love of your own body. And speaking of love - love for the city (Paris) and everything French!

Next Fall you will see high heels intricated in the lace and in the fabric (the perfect accessory to lingerie), Eiffel tower and mots d'amour (words of love) prints, plus lots of lace and frills! The reigning colour will be purple (the colour of royalty) with peach, different shades of coral and navy as hot alternatives along with the ultimate, sexy shade of black. Nautical influences will be very directional and geometrical.

with Joanna and her MotherAt the PrimaDonna-MarieJo booth, I was enjoying the models and admiring the new collection when I had a touching experience. The owner of a store in Athens recognized me and introduced herself – then told me how influential Linea Intima's website and newsletters were to her career. She has even watched my TV appearances ... in Greece! I felt like a movie star - thanks Joanna at Mavrommatis Lingerie Shop.

The last evening, we attended a beautiful dinner at the Opera house restaurant, as guests of Chantelle's Canadian importer, who invited the Canadian stores attending the S.I.L. It was a wonderful ending to an amazing show - thank you Robert!

Here are a few things I learned on this trip:

  • Don't assume people will understand you if you refer to a Paris street “Avenue of Americans" . Instead call it by its true name: "Avenue of theUnited States" ( the address of the Baccarat House)

  • To get to the Salon International lingerie show, don't ask for the "Exhibition Park at Versailles", otherwise, the taxi might take you to either the Exhibition Park or to the Palace of Versailles- both more than an hour from Paris. Just simply ask for "Exhibition Place at Port Versailles".

  • Don't eat a lot of baguette before dinner- even though the dinner portions look small, they are very filling and you might not have room for dessert (which would be a pity!).

In future blogs, I’ll be showcasing the gorgeous new lines I’ve selected for you and will be sharing my unrelenting love for lingerie, so stay tuned.

Au revoir (which actually means "see you"!)


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