I Love Italy

Liliana Mann in Italy

I love Italy - it is so beautiful and peaceful and the people here love to live!

Everywhere we went, women (and men) were very well dressed and seemed to have fun. (But, they were also smoking a lot which kind of makes my first observation sound ridiculous!) They also love to eat - very late - but so good!!

I was probably the only one on the beach wearing a full-piece bathing suit (note-to-self, buy more two-piece suits and second note-to-self, start exercising.) Oh - and no going topless!

The food is absolutely wonderful and they drink a lot of beer. The menu for beers is as long as white and red wine combined. And yet they are not overweight. I guess because they walk a lot (my feet were killing me every night, but I slept like a baby!)

Oh, and of course I can’t forget to mention - I discovered a beautiful, new lingerie line – Paladini. It is made by some of La Perla’s former creators – so unique and gorgeous. Look for it to be arriving soon in selected Linea Intima stores. Can't wait for you to see it!

Ciao Bellas…


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