Special Occasion Lingerie Words of Wisdom

Special Occasion Lingerie Words of Wisdom

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Special Occasion Lingerie Words of WisdomI went to a gorgeous wedding recently - everything was beautiful - the bride, the wedding party, the music and the flowers. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, danced up a storm and the food was heavenly (yummm). But, you know me, I also had my eye on all the dresses - my ‘super-lingerie-vision’ always kicks into gear at such times, I can’t help it! Undergarment crimes can’t escape my expert eye, although for the most part, the "lingerie faux pas" at this event, were very visible even to the untrained eye!

Let me share some words of wisdom with you, when it comes to special occasion dressing.

Please try on your outfit a few days before the event and take a good, long look in the mirror. Or, take a picture and look at yourself that way, (we tend to notice things more when looking at a photo). Carefully check the fit of your outfit to determine what undergarments are needed to make it fit perfectly. It’s interesting that we pay close attention to our hair, our make-up and our shoes - but what about the foundations, the important things you don’t see? A bridge can’t stand without the pillars supporting it!

Always, ALWAYS, match the colour of your bra to your dress. At this wedding, I saw a young girl wearing a gorgeous, black sequin dress, with a beautiful low back - and then, in plain view - the back of a white bra - quelle horreur! The solution - any black bra will do.

Check bra straps carefully, to make sure they will stay on your shoulders. It is not lady-like to put your hand under your dress to pull them up (and even less lady-like to have a wide, white strap showing through a feminine, sheer dark sleeve) That’s right – I saw this happening! The solution - Wonder Strap, discreetly keeps straps in place.

Strapless and plunge bra ALERT. These styles are not for everyone! They can be a problem for both very small and very large cups. Constantly pulling the bra up or adjusting it, is not an attractive move on the dance floor, especially when repeated frequently, (and I don’t care if it’s timed to the beat of the music!) The solution – make sure this style of bra fits before you purchase a dress that requires wearing one. Or, confirm you can return the dress after purchase, and take it with you to try on the bra.

Cleavage is feminine and attractive, ONLY IF the quality and quantity are right! Remember, sometimes it’s sexier to leave a little something to the imagination. If your cleavage is bubbling out over your dress; if your chest almost reaches your neck; or if you have a double (even triple) boob effect, this is not the look you want.The solution-choose a larger cup size.

I hope you’ll take my advice to heart, because I truly care. Think of me like your mother or better yet, your true breast friend. I really, really want you to look gorgeous, feel your best and have everyone notice your special smile and how beautifully you’re dressed!


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