"You like me, right now you like me"


This week I happened to be in our Bayview Village store when Hannah came in. I have never met Hannah before, and she came straight over to me and said hi. She recognized me from pictures on our website and from TV. She told me how much she loves our store and our bra-fitting experts. She said they always give her the most wonderful, personal service and she never feels pressured to buy, but is always happy with every purchase – because they know exactly the perfect styles to suggest to her.


You can just imagine how happy and proud I was of our staff!  I felt just like Sally Field when she won an Oscar back in 1985.

That day, while Hannah was trying things on (including a gorgeous red Empreinte bra she saw in our recent TheZoomerTV lingerie fashion show – which by the way, she looked like a model in!) she shared some other things she loves about Linea Intima.

She told me how she eagerly waits to read out newsletter at the beginning of each month and how much she enjoys reading my blogs (she was deeply touched by my mother's blog). She said they are so genuine and you can sense that they “really come from me”.

I always hope this to be the case with our newsletters and my blog – that our news is of some interest to you. But I do not get feedback about them very often. Hannah thinks that our audience is very interested but they just may not have the time to post comments and their reactions.

Friends, I really want to know what you think, what you like and dislike, what you enjoy reading and what you feel may be missing. Your comments give me strength and inspire me to do more, so...when you have a spare moment, please let me know your thoughts.

I’ll be waiting to hear…and, Hannah, thank you!