TIFF 2012

TIFF 2012


For me, TIFF is one of the highlights of the year in Toronto. Celebrity watching is at its best with bold face names dressed to kill at premieres, parties and on the red carpet. Here’s who gets the Linea Intima ‘BEST SUPPORT” AND “BUSTED” AWARDS this year.

Christina Hendricks TIFF 2012

Christina Hendricks for Ginger & Rose “BEST SUPPORT AWARD” A perfect example that it does not matter what size you are- if you are wearing the right foundations you are always gorgeous!

Keira Knightley TIFF 2012

Keira Knightley for Anna Karenina “BEST SUPPORT AWARD’ She pulls off sheerness and a plunging back with ease – simply breathtaking and flawless!

Jennifer Garner TIFF 2012

Jennifer Garner for Argo “BUSTED AWARD” I love this look on her even though she did not chose the right bra colour-remember, wearing a light colour nude bra under black will reflect the flash of the camera and it will show.

Marion Cotillard TIFF 2012

Marion Cotillard for Rust & Bone “BUSTED AWARD” Like I always say "not everybody can wear strapless"! I think she is so elegant and sophisticated, but this dress emphasizes two different sizes (of you know what) and it is a miss in my books.

Naomi Watts TIFF 2012

Naomi Watts for The Impossible “1/2 BEST SUPPORT AWARD” She is supported beautifully in this plunging neckline but, and it might be the angle of the photo, it looks like ‘one of the girls’ is standing out a little bit more than the other. (Mind you, most people’s boobs aren’t exactly the same size, so I’ll cut her some slack!)

Halle Berry TIFF 2012

Halle Berry for Cloud Atlas “1/2 BEST SUPPORT AWARD” I’m a bit disappointed that she didn’t dress in her usual elegant, sophisticated style, but I am thrilled that she complimented her outfit with a beautiful bra for everyone to see. Like I’ve always said, it is ok to show off a gorgeous bra under sheer tops!

Gwyneth Paltrow TIFF 2012
Kate Hudson TIFF 2012

Gwyneth Paltrow for Thanks for Sharing and Kate Hudson for Reluctant Fundamentalist Both get my “BEST SUPPORT AWARD” + a gold star* for wearing the perfect shapewear under their dress – the look is flawless.

Photo credit - Just Jared

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