The Kit “Bridal Issue” Media Coverage

The Kit “Bridal Issue” Media Coverage

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Depending where you live, you may read one of these major newspapers - Toronto Star, Montreal Gazette, Ottawa Citizen, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal or Vancouver Sun.

If you do, then you no doubt read The Kit – Canada’s glossy fashion supplement which is included in these papers each week! But in case you missed last week’s issue of The Kit’s beautiful “Bridal Issue”, and didn’t see my pro bridal lingerie tips – check them out here in - “Lingerie Limber-Up”, Liliana Mann owner of Linea Intima shares her tips on how to shop for your bridal lingerie.

If you have a wedding in your future, we’d be thrilled to be part of your big day. We can help you look and feel your absolute best with the perfect bra and other special lingerie, to give you the figure-flattering results every bride deserves!

Lingerie Limber up

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