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Everything you wanted to know about sports bras (and you knew who to ask but was embarrassed)


Some habits die hard; for example, take the way we wear bras for workouts!

Some women wear their old bras (“it does not matter that I sweat, they are old, don’t fit or support, but they are ok for sports, right?”), some wear two or three bras on top of each other (“the best way to get support and lift, right?”) and some…just take out the wire (while walking), since it is “so uncomfortable”. Yes, the wire stayed there, on the beautiful walking path, somewhere in Florida, a sad reminder of the sports bras that make us drag sports! 


You would not think twice about getting the right running shoes, so now it is time you learn how a sports bra will work out with you and for you!


Here are the points to remember:

-  Sports bras should be fitted ( and they usually are different sizes than your everyday bras)

 You should match the bra to the sport's intensity (lighter support for walking, stronger support for aerobics and steps)

-  Always choose fabrics that breath and contain cool max to stay dry of the skin

-  Wash your bra after every use (no dryer!!!)

-  Rotate your bras (do not wear the same one day after day since it will stretch out a lot faster)

 Do not compromise the fit for the look (you can find nice bras for every size)

 Remember to retire them more often than your everyday bras: they work much harder and will not last as long


Anita is a German company, well known in the world for their sports bras (they won many awards) and they are one of our favorites.

Please come in for Anita’s sports bra fitting and receive a gift with purchase* (one per customer, while quantities last), spring is in the air, get ready for the beautiful weather with Linea Intima.


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