Saxx - Movember


Saxx UnderwearSeems like everyone we know is having a love affair with Saxx Underwear - our customers, all of us at Linea Intima, not to mention the men in our lives who love that we carry the brand at all of our stores.  They often get more excited when we bring home a new pair of boxers than when we come home with a sexy lace item, and we can't blame them!  It's about time our guys were offered some innovative new undergarments.

In case you missed reading our November newsletter, we're excited to tell you that during the entire month, with every purchase of the special edition “Stache” boxer, Saxx Underwear is donating $2 towards prostate cancer research.

Stories about men falling in love with Saxx have made their way to our office and we're confident that these are just the tip of the iceberg. So, during the month of November we're asking everyone to post their “Saxx stories” via social media or as a comment on this blog.  


The authors of the 5 best stories will each receive a free pair of Saxx underwear! 

Here are some of our stories from Linea Intima staff.

The other day a customer came into the store and said that her husband had recently been given a pair of Saxx Underwear and she asked if we carry them. Sensing she was somewhat frustrated, we braced ourselves for our first complaint about the product. Instead, she told us that since her husband received them, they are the only pair he will wear. Turns out her frustration was not caused by a complaint about Saxx, but that her husband loves them so much she has to wash them everynight so that he can wear them again the next day! We all had a good laugh and she ended up buying 5 pairs, so they could both make it through the week. She left very happy and is waiting for the new styles to arrive.

Bayview Assistant Store Manager

My husband frequently travels to Europe and Asia on business. On these long journeys, he often sits uncomfortably for many hours in airports and during long flights. Recently he wore his Saxx Ultra underwear for the first time when he left on one of these trips. On the return trip home he wore the only clean pair he had left (another brand) and felt very uncomfortable (hot and sweaty) - which lead to hemorrhoids. Realizing that this problem was caused by his underwear, he now travels ONLY in his Saxx underwear because of the support and comfort from the amazing fabric that wicks away moisture. Thanks to Saxx his whole disposition is improved when he arrives home!

Lingerie Buyer

As a wife and mother of two boys, laundry is always an exhausting and frustrating time. Our dryer is known for its healthy appetite for socks, which we thought may have expanded to include underwear, when one day my husband couldn't find the pair of Saxx underwear I'd given him to try. After some serious detective work (that only moms are known for) I finally found my husband's missing underwear. It turned out that my 12-year-old son had taken a liking to them and had been wearing them the whole time! Needless to say, both kids have a pair of their own now, although when my husband's goes missing I know the first place to look. And mom's intuition is always right.

Accounting Manager