Oscars 2013


You know how much I love the Oscars. The fashions on the red carpet are my favourite thing about the show. I not only see the “fashion faux pas” that everyone else does, but my lingerie-xray-vision means I "see through” the clothes to the “undergarment faux pas" no one else sees!

But I also love the entertainment factor, including the music, the jokes and the speeches and this year I was not disappointed - I enjoyed the show more than ever.

Contrary to what many people thought about Seth MacFarlane as this year’s MC, I enjoyed his jokes as well as his singing (I wonder if I can play his “boobs” song on our YouTube site??) and dancing.

In fact, I enjoyed all of the musical numbers. I felt like dancing along with Charlize and singing along with the Les Misérables cast and I stopped breathing when my all time favourite, Barbara, sang The Way We Were (as I closed my eyes and dreamed of Robert Redford!).

Oscars 2013 - Charlize Theron
Oscars 2013 - Jennifer Lawrence

The celeb fashions did not disappoint either. Here are the ones who get my “Breast Dressed” award. Naomi Watts absolutely shimmered in the grey one-shoulder Giorgio Armani gown. Halle Berry was majestic in her Atelier Versace, long sleeve sequin stripe gown and Charlize Theron was a goddess in white Dior. But my favourite (again) was Jennifer Lawrence, in a sweeping Dior creation. Despite her fall, she was gracious and funny, not to mention her look was gorgeous and sophisticated.

Oscars 2013 - Jennifer Lawrence
Oscars 2013 - Naomi Watts

Here are the celebs who get my “Busted” award. Salma Hayek’s heavily embroidered gold neckline was not the right way to call attention to her large girls.

Amanda Seyfried’s deep décolleté stuffed with fabric “cookies”, to fill the empty top, was not a great choice for her smaller girls, especially when it showed in the photos. Also her comment that “her corset was so tight it felt like her guts were about to fall out”, should be on the what-not-to-do list when buying a shaper!

Anne Hathaway’s dress was wrong on so many levels. It did nothing to enhance her shape, plus her “high beams” were totally distracting (giving a whole new meaning to the saying, “like a deer caught in the headlights”)!

What were your Oscar red carpet fashion hits and misses? I’d love to hear your comments.


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