Oprah's Favorite Things 2012 - Holiday PJ's

Oprah's Favorite Things 2012 - Holiday PJ's

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Oprah’s Favorite Things 2012 – Holiday PJ’sAs we wrapped up production of our December newsletter, which included Linea Intima staff ‘lingerie gift picks’ for the season, I couldn’t wait to check out the magazines on my local newsstand to see which holiday gifts all the celebs are raving about this year.

Oprah's list is always one of my favourites, so imagine my surprise and delight to find one of our favourite sleepwear brands on her list – P. Jamas PJs.


A number of years ago, during a lingerie show in New York, I met Esperanza Diaz, the designer behind the P. Jamas brand. I instantly liked the simple, sophistication of the designs, the choice and quality of the fabrics as well as the exquisite finishes (like the Japanese mother of pearl buttons, as Oprah commented in the O magazine: "when was the last time you saw genuine mother-of-pearl buttons?")

When the company began to show their collection at the largest lingerie show in Paris (Salon International de la Lingerie), Linea Intima was the first order they wrote! (I like to think we were a good luck charm for them)

P. Jamas is all about the simplicity and comfort of 100% Egyptian cotton and the exquisite Peruvian pima cotton (considered the most superior type of cotton due to its absorbency, durability and softness). It is a comprehensive collection of sleepwear, including PJs (of course) as well as nightgowns, nightshirts and robes.

I think everyone should have a beautiful pair of soft, cotton PJs on their wish list this season – don’t you? We’ve stocked an amazing selection in each of our stores, perfect for all the slumber-lovers on your list – and just the thing for you to ask for too!

Let me know which is your favourite brand or style of pajamas.

P.S. Did you know that wearing comfortable sleepwear to bed at night enhances your quality of sleep, creating a sense of peace, so you wake up feeling refreshed and rested?


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