Elegance in Action - Simone Pérèle Month

Elegance in Action - Simone Pérèle Month

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Simone Perele is one of France’s oldest and revered foundation lines. When Madame Perele started to make bras and girdles in 1948 after WW1, little did she know that almost 100 years later her children would be continuing the tradition of her beautiful lingerie. We are so proud to carry Simone Perele, and each style from every collection truly encompasses their motto, “so French.” Season after season we are look forward to see what new ways Simone Perele will marry femininity and elegance.

Here are some of our treasures for spring-summer.

Simone Perele Ludivine

Simone Perele Ludivine is stunning and so fresh for spring. With tulle, lace, and embroidery detailing, this is the go-to bra when you want to create the perfect sexy-but-sweet look. The bonus is that this bra is a push-up plunge that will pair beautifully with summers low cut tops.

Bra available in sizes 32-38, A-E $132.
Collection also available in ivory & electric blue (special order).
Available at Bayview.

Simone Perele Andora

Simone Perele Andora in navy blue is a new twist on an old favorite. This bra is constructed with 3 dimensional breathable knit fabric that is guaranteed to provide optimal comfort while feeling like second skin.

Bra available in sizes 30-40, B-F $129.
Collection also available in white, black, ivory, cafe & caramel.
Available at all 7 locations.

Simone Perele Olympe

Simone Perele Olympe in magnolia is the definition of “show stopper”. This collection boasts embroidery on both matte and glossy fabrics creating the most luxurious effect. The deep “V” in the bra and panty draws the eye even further south in a subtle, seductive way.

Bra available in sizes 32-36, D-G $135.
Matching boyshort available in sizes S-XL $72.
Collection also available in black & ivory (special order).
Available at Unionville.

Simone Perele Lumiere

Simone Perele Lumiere is the perfect no-fuss bra. It has clean lines and a smooth cup so you can wear it under your t-shirts with ease. The Swarovski embellished straps can be worn three ways; classic, crossed, or haltered. The seamless panties go perfectly with the bra, creating the perfect foundations for any outfit.

Bra available in sizes 32-38, B-D $109.
Matching bikini available in sizes S-XL $42.
Collection also available in ivory (special order).
Available at Bayview & Andrews.

Simone Perele Simone

Simone Perele Simone is a throwback to the 70’s, drawing inspiration from the Prelude and Petale collections Madame Simone Perele designed years ago. This is a great introductory Simone Perele bra, as it has the lowest price point in their spring collection.

Bra available in sizes 32-36, B-E $105.
Collection also available in ivory & nude (special order).
Available at Andrews.

Simone Perele Marilyn

Simone Perele Marilyn paid tribute to Marilyn Monroe, the “eternal glamour icon” in this collection. Gathered satin detailing and delicate patterned lace are inspiration drawn from some of her iconic looks. This collection will make you feel like the strong, confident woman that you are whenever you have it on.

Bra available in sizes 32-36, C-E $145.
Matching boyleg available in sizes S-L, $72.
Collection also available in blue.
Available at Andrews.

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