Colour Your World

Avero - Ruby Red

This season the demand for colour caught me by surprise!

Usually customers come in asking for …nude and black…nude and black…(and more nude and black!)

Last season white enjoyed a return to popularity. And this year, the cool style of crisp white continues as a hot fashion trend. It makes such a strong statement and has such a clean, simplicity to it. I always say, “nothing is more beautiful, than the perfection of a gorgeous, lacy white bra under a white linen shirt.”

Marie Jo - Dante Teal BlueBut what’s really heating up as a big trend (along with white), is bold, bright colour - in an explosion of beautiful shades such as crimson, coral, turquoise and fuchsia, along with classic navy.

At last, you are embracing colour, and wanting colour in your lingerie drawer. I’m so excited that you’re no longer shy to wear something other than nude and black! I know you’ll enjoy the energy and confidence that comes from wearing a pretty, colourful bra, (a feeling that stays with you all day long).

And, we’re ready for this colourful new mood, with a rainbow of lingerie, just waiting for you!


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