College (and other new beginnings) check-list

College (and other new beginnings) check-list

Heading off on your own brings along a whole range of emotions no matter the destination. Whether your adventure involves moving out with friends, traveling to Europe, or going to college, new beginnings often cause stress and anxiety along with excitement. The Linea Intima team is made up of women ranging from young adult to grandmother, and we’ve “been there, done that”. We want to make your new experiences easier and more enjoyable, knowing that it’s the little things that create an easier day-to-day. Here is our post high-school survival guide.

Sleep Masks

A sleep mask can bring comforting luxury weather you’re spending the night in a dorm room with a roommate who’s cramming for tomorrows economics exam, or in a hostel catching up on sleep after last night’s pub crawl.

Mary Green masks available at Richview, Avenue, Unionville, London, Andrew’s and Oakville locations

Sleep Mask

Forever New Wash

Forever New is a great for standard and high efficiency washing machines as well as hand washing. Linea Intima carries the powder form in a compact travel size (150g) as well as a 1KG size! Perfect for hand washing delicates or anything else you may need for the next day, especially if you don’t have enough laundry to make the trip and cost worth it.

Forever New wash available at all locations
150g powder wash $6
1KG powder wash $17
910 ml liquid wash $16

Forever New Wash

Wash Bags

We’ve all had experience’s where an aim-to-please boyfriend or roommate tries to right wrongs and do our laundry for us. We come home pleasantly surprised before WW3 breaks out over some shrunken tops and ripped bras. By throwing your delicates in a wash bag, it will ensure that everybody (including yourself) remembers to hang those items instead of putting them in the dryer.

Forever New Wash Bags available at all locations
Round bags $10 Large flat bags $6
Extra large flat bags $8

Forever New Wash Bags

Double Sided Tape

Consider this your “mom away from home” or your “cheap seamstress”. Double sided tape is the perfect quick-fix for that skirt that’s a little too long or a hem that’s come undone. It can also be used to keep plunging necklines in place and to prevent gaps between buttons. The tape leaves no residue on fabrics and is a much better idea than putting safety pins in your clothes!

Body tape available at all locations

Double Sided Tape

Wicking Fabrics

Sharing a room gets difficult if both people have different room temperature preferences. Choosing to wear a fabric that keeps you cool will allow your roommate to sleep in the sweltering temperatures that she prefers, and will earn you brownie points (and maybe even real brownies) to put towards future favors. Some great lines to check out are Softies and Knock Out!

Antigel Priority Cool Chemise available in Aqua and Coral
Available at Avenue and London locations
S-XL $109

Antigel Priority Cool Chemise

Bra Bags

We know that when you begin packing up your wardrobe it will be nearly impossible to keep the “no man left behind” promise solemnly made to your closet. Ensure that you have your entire bra wardrobe with you by picking up some Bra Bags. They can be stored above the closet, under the bed, or next to the desk discretely, great for when you are in mixed company.

Bra Bags available at all locations

Bra Bags

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