Beauty Connexion: Linea Intima Opens Elle Aime

Beauty Connexion: Linea Intima Opens Elle Aime

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Beauty Connexion: Linea Intima Opens Elle Aime

Google “underwear as part of your ensemble”, and you will find that a large part of the first page is dedicated to bridal lingerie. The idea that lingerie is for special occasions resonates with most women. The reason for this is that quality lingerie is a luxury item- expensive. Because of that, boutiques also often cater to a more mature, financially settled woman- someone in her thirties.

The niche for quality, sexy, and more affordable lingerie catered to the twenty-something woman is definitely there. It’s something that Liliana Mann, owner of lingerie shop, Linea Intima, is hoping to address with her shop-within-a-shop concept at Bayview Village, Elle Aime.

“It’s an exciting opportunity to introduce the new ‘me generation’ to?the benefits of beautiful lingerie and show them it’s what’s underneath your outfit that counts most! I think they’re ready to trade up from the disposable, fast fashion approach to lingerie, to a more luxurious experience that highlights the importance of quality and service” says Liliana.

Linea Intima is the largest independently owned lingerie shop in English Canada, with several locations in the GTA, but the flagship location at Bayview Village was chosen to launch Elle Aime because of the reputation the mall has with keen shoppers for being on-trend and savvy. The store is the largest of any Linea Intima and will feature a custom-designed wall of bras, an homage to the wide collection of strapless bras offered by Elle Aime.

“This will be the ultimate lingerie destination in the GTA. It’s got a swanky Barbie-meets-Bendel’s boudoir look”

The location is open and ready for shoppers, who can expect to see high fashion labels like Addiction, Mimi Holliday, Made by Niki, Fortnight, and La Fée Verte.

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