Be Radiant in Colour this month with Empreinte!

Be Radiant in Colour this month with Empreinte!

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Empreinte has been a leading lingerie brand for more than 60 years. It's renowned for designing stylish bras for full-busted women in luxurious fabrics with an impeccable fit. Empreinte's reputation and lingerie design expertise for women with generous breasts is second to none.

This month, we're excited to share our favourite Empreinte Spring styles with you - in fresh, pastel colors that are right on trend!

Empreinte Thalia collection

Empreinte Thalia is an essential and ultra feminine range with a subtle light and airy blend of embroidery and lace to accentuate every woman's cleavage to perfection.

Bra available in sizes 32-42, D-F, $185.
Matching boyshort in sizes XS-L, $115.
Collection also available in black, caramel & ivory.
Available at Richview, Bayview & Unionville.

Empreinte Juliette

Empreinte Juliette collection is designed to provide comfort and well-being for a stunning, everyday look. This bra is all about comfort and modernity in a colourful palette that's perfect for a summery feel.

Bra available in sizes 32-38, C-F, $139.
Matching thong in sizes S-M, $54.
Available at Unionville.

Empreinte Kaela

Empreinte Kaela is one of our favourite seamless bras as it has a unique graphic design that is slightly transparent and contrasts against the skin. It's a modern, essential bra that creates a flattering shape for curvy women and provides excellent support.

Bra available in sizes 30-38, C-G, $162.
Matching brief available in sizes S-L, $82.
Collection also available in blush.
Available at Unionville, Oakville & Andrews.

Empreinte Lorella

Empreinte Lorella reinvents the rules of seduction with a luxurious couture-style design. An exceptional bra designed to lift and enhance the silhouette.

Bra available in sizes 30-42, C-G, $205.
Matching panty available in sizes S-XL, $98.
Collection also available in gold.
Available at Richview, Avenue, Bayview, Unionville, Oakville & Andrews.

Empreinte Maud

Empreinte Maud bra is a Linea Intima favourite for Spring. Its elegant embroidered lacing, fine satin ribbon and romantic flowers embodies that fresh feeling a new season brings! This collection showcases the brand's high quality expertise in high-quality embroidery and fine lingerie.

Bra available in sizes 30-42, C-G, $182.
Matching thong available in sizes XS-L, $94.
Collection also available in grey & white.
Available at all Avenue, Bayview, Unionville & Oakville.

Empreinte Lily Rose

Empreinte Lily Rose collection is an ode to romance and femininity. This collection symbolizes a delicateness inspired by that boudoir look & feel. Floral embroidery combined with mother-of-pearl and satin trims create a retro look that it the epitome of glamour.

Bra available in sizes 32-42, C-G, $185.
Matching panty available in sizes S-M, $92.
Collection also available in black & ivory.
Available at Richview, Unionville & Oakville.

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