84th Oscar Party

84th Oscar Party

Penelope Cruz in her dreamy periwinkle organza, custom Giorgio Armani gownPenelope Cruz in her dreamy periwinkle organza, custom Giorgio Armani gown[/caption] It really felt like a party! It started at my house. I invited a few friends over and we kicked things off with a champagne toast, had dinner and then sat in front of the TV and waited to be entertained. And entertained we were!

I felt this year’s show totally lived up to my expectations - the jokes were (for the most part) funny, Cirque du Soleil was a wonderful, unexpected surprise, the actor’s ‘movie memories’ segments felt real and were very interesting, the presenters were funny, the acceptance speeches heart-felt and the dresses, oh the dresses – they were just gorgeous, a true return to high couture and good taste.

My first choice was Penelope Cruz in her dreamy periwinkle organza, custom Giorgio Armani gown and second was Sandra Bullock in an elegant white and black, low-cut back, Marchesa design!

I was pleased that some of the stars who wore disappointing attire at the Golden Globes redeemed themselves at the Oscars. Meryl Streep looked like a golden statue herself (and did not need her glasses to deliver a very beautiful speech). Tina Fey’s dress was really lovely, appropriate for the event and she wore it with so much poise.

Art Deco influence was the main theme of the evening – seen in many of the dresses with geometric shapes and details. In general it was a good night for Oscar dresses, but I can’t say I approved of some of the choices. Angelina Jolie (my pick of the GG’s) did not make my best dressed list for the Oscars. (Angie I love black but you look more angelic in white). J Lo - interesting dress but next time leave more to the imagination!

The bevy of beautiful white dresses took my breath away - Mila Jovovich’s studded, one-shoulder dress, Gwenyth Paltrow’s royal looking, white Tom Ford design, Rooney Mara's beautiful lace Givenchy had a statuesque Erte look and Octavia Spencer’s gown was perfectly designed to flatter her figure. And I absolutely loved the pale green dress (another geometric, Erte-inspired cut) that Kelly Ripa wore - class and elegance!

Rago shaper 6207Unfortunately there were some unwise undergarment choices – Jessica Chastain’s dress was absolutely gorgeous, but the strapless bra was too high and showed spillage at the back. Also ABC’s red carpet interviewer, Robin Roberts’ could have used some thigh "shaping". If your dress is very tight, shapewear like Rago (seen on Dr. Oz) can make the look!

I know working out is good for you (and I’ve promised to work out this year) but don't you think that some celebrities are looking more like WWF fighters? While the real one, Stacy Keibler (Clooney's girlfriend), looks like a Hollywood celebrity should...go figure!

Signing off from my living room...


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